Elmich Green Roof System

The Elmich Green Roof System incorporates Evalon, a UV and root resistant

waterproofing membrane

VersiCell or VersiFlex drainage cells, VersiDrain 25P water retention and drainage trays, geotextile filter fabric and VersiWeb growing media confinement cells. Elmich lightweight growing media with excellent water holding capacity is available and a range of plant species are suggested for specific environmental conditions. The green roof system is applicable to both existing and new concrete roof structures. The green roof system provides heat insulation resulting in reduced energy costs. Building values are enhanced through the creation of roof top garden and commercial areas.

The green roof system

also reduces air and water-borne pollutants, noise levels and increases on-site water retention resulting in reduced run-off to storm water systems

Green Roof Systems

What is Green Roof

Green roofs are partially or completely covered with a growing medium and vegetation, positioned over a waterproofing membrane and may also include water retention, drainage and irrigation systems. Green roofs are categorized into:

300 mm growing media, irrigation with a wide variety of shrubs, grass and tree species on slopes <3%

300 mm growing media, minimal irrigation with hardy, low growing plant and ground cover species on slopes <30%

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Click image for larger view
VersiCell drainage cell provides
efficient drainage of deep soil
system intensive green roofs

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