VersiDrain 6P

Home » Products » VersiDrain 6P румпель для лодочного мотора своими руками VersiDrain 6P is a perforated interlocking plastic drainage sheet designed for use between the structural slab and sand or mortar screeds.

ограничения нмцк при различных способов определения поставщика VersiDrain 6P under-screed drainage sheet is used in the construction of pedestrian walkways, plaza decks, balconies and verandas.

стать российской федерации VersiDrain 6P creates a drainage and ventilation cavity that allows trapped water in the screed to escape via perforations and drainage channels in the sheet. This ensures that water and salts in the screed are prevented from migrating upward, to the surface to form unsightly efflorescence and algae. главные новости биатлона на спорт ру VersiDrain 6P also acts as a separation layer and reduces tile and paver cracking caused by expansion of trapped water and movement of the structural slab.



российские банки капитализация VersiDrain 6P drainage sheets are used between the structural slab and sand or mortar screeds for:

  • Balconies and patios
  • Driveways and courtyards
  • Internal wet areas
  • Pool surrounds


Under-screed drainage sheets offers benefits including: Efficient under-screed drainage of tiles and paved areas Reduced surface cracking of tiles Minimised efflorescence and algae Protection of waterproofing membranes Support US LEEDS™ credits


инструкция кофемашина delonghi VersiDrain 6P offers several unique features incorporating:

  • Interlocking panels that ensure stability and reduce product wastage
  • High compressive strength sheets (filled > 1,500 t/m²) that permit use under trafficable areas
  • Snap-on joining of large sheets that may be pre-assembled off-site
  • Sheets that enable simple and rapid installation with minimal operator training and tools required
  • Sheets that efficiently stack maximising transport economies

Installation обструктивная болезнь легких причины VersiDrain 6P is easy to install and minimises efflorescence and algae on tiles and pavers



Weightapprox. 1.2 kg/m²
Sheet thickness1.2 mm
Overall height6 mm
Compressive strength800 kN/m² (80 t/m²) Unfilled 15,000 kN/m² (1,500 t/m²) Infilled with Grade 20 sand/cement
Biological/chemical resistanceResistant to ground chemicals, rot, moulds, algae, bacteria and root penetration. Does not affect potable water
Service temperature-20°C to 80°C
Fire resistanceB2 (DIN 4102)
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