VersiDrain® 8

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как делать презентацию в powerpoint VersiDrain основы бухгалтерского учета в рб ® понятие место нахождения  8 is a dimpled plastic sheet with applications for:

  • Internal drainage of basement walls
  • Creating a capillary break under concrete ground slabs
  • Waterproofing membrane protection of underground structures задачив стихахв начальной школе VersiDrain® 8 acts as a barrier and provides protection to the waterproofing membrane from the backfill. The dimples create a vapour and thermal insulation barrier in both internal walls and walls adjacent to waterproofing membranes. nissan teana 2010 2.5 технические характеристики VersiDrain® 8 offers protection against rising damp in ground slabs and replaces traditional lean concrete sub-base slabs without compromising the load-bearing capacity of the sub-base. как зарегистрировать айфон id VersiDrain® 8 creates a cavity control layer when placed between the reinforced concrete base and concrete floor surfaces in chemical storage areas allowing continuous monitoring to determine leakage of chemical containers.


сколько можно хранить замороженные грибы в морозилке VersiDrain® 8 drainage sheets provide efficient drainage on:

  • Ground slabs
  • Basement walls
  • Sports fields & golf courses
  • Chemical storage areas

VersiDrain® 8 resists puncturing and provides drainage and rising damp protection under concrete slabs реферат на тему основы гражданского права VersiDrain® 8 dimpled drainage sheets offer unique features including:

  • A diagonal 8 mm dimple configuration
  • Compressive strength of 250 kN/m² (25 t/m²)
  • Rolls that may be joined by overlapping
  • Dimpled configuration that allows efficient water capture and discharge rates
  • Approval by German authorities for use in hazardous chemical storage areas
  • Creation of efficient drainage and vapour barriers between diaphragm and internal walls

Dimpled drainage sheets offer many advantages including:

  • Wide, lightweight rolls that allow rapid and low cost installation
  • Creation of efficient drainage and vapour barriers between diaphragm and internal walls
  • Resistance to puncturing when installed as a vapour and drainage barrier under concrete slabs
  • Replacement of lean concrete sub-base slabs without compromising load-bearing capacity
  • Creation of a cavity control layer in chemical storage areas
  • Acting as a protection layer over waterproofing membranes

1. Diaphram wall

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3. Internal wall

4. Waterproofing membrane

5. Weep-hole

6. Scupper drain

7. Soil

8. Drain pipe

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MaterialHigh density polyethylene
Weightapprox. 580 g/m
Sheet thicknessapprox. 0.6 mm
Dimple height>8 mm
Void volume between studsapprox. 5.3 l/m²
Discharge Capacityapprox. 4.6 l/s.m approx. 276 l/min.m approx. 16,560 l/h.m
Compressive strengthapprox. 250 kN/m² (25 t/m²)
Biological / chemical resistanceResistant to ground chemicals, rot, moulds, algae, bacteria and root penetration. Does not affect potable water.
Fire resistanceB2 (DIN 4102)
AccessoriesVersiDrain 8 may be fastened to substrates using proprietary VersiDrain fixing accessories
StandardsVersiDrain 8 is manufactured and tested according to DIN 18 195, DIN 4095, DIN 4102, DIN 53 576 and BS 8102