VGM™ Green Wall® What is VGM® Green Wall не работает интернет на компьютере через VGM® Green Wall is comprised of vertical modules assembled from high strength lightweight structural panels, incorporating interlocking snap-on clips for easy assembly. The front panel has a unique grid to enable planting of up to sixteen plants per module. где зарегистрировать договор купли продажи квартиры VGM® Green Wall modules contain a geotextile liner into which is placed a suitable planting mix. The modules are preplanted in a nursery environment to allow proper establishment to occur before installation on site. трудовой кодекс права женщин VGM® Green Wall modules hang from pilasters that are bolted to the wall.

VGM® Green Wall module installations require drip irrigation systems that are positioned at appropriate intervals, depending on wall heights.

голосистый соловей текст VGM® Green Wall installations are ideal for commercial wall cladding projects providing acoustic and thermal insulation, not to mention the Vertical Garden providing aesthetic interest.

  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Free standing walls
  • Building facades
vgm2 10 VGM® Green Wall modules allow the creation of instant green walls on both free standing walls and on building facades

  • High Stength- Light weight modules
  • Removable for easier, safer maintenance
  • 35 litres of planting media
  • Side planting apertures
  • UV Stable
  • Pre-planted modules create instant greenwalls
vgm-greenwall росреестр публичная карта пенза VGM® Green Wall modules incorporate lightweight durable interlocking panels

  • Added site value
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Improved heat insulation
  • Reduced sound transmission
  • Enhance air quality
  • Reduced airborne pollutants
  • Reduced stormwater run-off

1 право на труд относится к VGM® Green Wall modules improve site value add minimize both heat radiation and noise transmission


Assemble the itunes VGM® (Vertical Green Module)


Insert geotextile liner into the  знаменитые авторы стихов VGM®


Fill магазин сайт каталог VGM® with planting mix and cover with geotextile


Fully assembled VGM® ready for planting

Elmich VGM 150

VGM® pre-planted in nursery

Dimension560m(h) x 485m(w) x 150m(d)
Internal Value≤35 litres approx
Biological/chemical resistanceResistant to ground chemicals, rot, moulds, algae, bacteria and root penetration. Does not affect potable water
Fire resistanceB2 (DIN 4102)